Participate – Sport Shield Insurance.

Dodgers advance to NLCS, minus one jersey.
November 28, 2019

Participate – Sport Shield Insurance.

Want a new kit? Want some new match and training balls? Want to ensure that your players are looked after by professionals and that they will not suffer financially if they get injured? Then you want to talk to us.

At Sport Shield our whole ethos is built around engaging with local sports clubs in order to let them share in the benefits of their members taking out personal income protection.

For every policy that is taken out by one of your members, we will share 10% of the net commission that we received from the insurer with you. For example, if we receive £100, we will pass on £10, and if we received £400 then we will pass on £40. If you have a lot of members needing personal income protection, then we will look at sponsoring (and of course fully paying for) a new kit which would otherwise cost hundreds!

Have a look at the following testimonial:

“ We have teamed up with Sport Shield and look forward to spending the money which they have provided after some of our players have taken out income protection through them.
As a local sports team we really appreciate the fact that they allow us to share in the rewards and commissions that the insurance companies provide. We are currently saving up for some new goal posts and the extra income will come in very handy. Thank you Sport Shield „
Belinda Wells – Treasurer Crayke Football Club

We want to team up with all local sports clubs and get them involved. We’d love to speak to Secretaries and Treasurers in particular, or anybody in general who has the interests of their players at heart.

Our proposition is a win-win situation for everybody, in that:

  • Players can benefit by protecting their income against injury
  • Clubs can benefit in that they can share in the commissions allowing them to be more financially viable
  • Sport Shield benefit in that we write more business

Get in touch with us today by calling us on 0800 1577702 or emailing