Tom Lewis interviewed by Les Huyton from Well in Health Clinic

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April 28, 2016
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Tom Lewis interviewed by Les Huyton from Well in Health Clinic

Tom Lewis, the European Professional Golfer kindly agreed to be interviewed by
Les Huyton from Well in Health Clinic at the Welwyn Garden City Golf course.

The interview is based around what Tom Lewis does to stay fit and healthy before and during  golf matches and has some great tips on how he does this. He also has some common sense recommendations for club golfers.

It has always been Tom Lewis’s dream to become a professional European Tour Golfer and this has happened sooner than he thought. When asked about his exercise regime he mentions that he uses the gym, but has different regimes for when on tour and most importantly listens to his body. This is good advice for us all! Some days you wake up and just know you are raring to go and can therefore do more exercise than others he says.

Tom Lewis doesn’t use any golf devices for fitness, such as the ones Angel Jimenez demonstrates, but says Jimenez needs to stay incredibly flexible because of his massive swing. Tom also acknowledges that golfers are entertainers and Jimenez certainly does that.

Tom Lewis himself always prepares well before playing golf and gives himself enough time to be able to do this consistently. This also includes eating a good breakfast to get the blood flowing. He assesses how loose or tight his muscles are and may include extra exercises should he have tightness anywhere in his body. His tips for club golfers are to  always have 30 minutes before play to hit 30 or so balls with a variety of clubs and also to do some putting.  He suggests that you also do some longer putts of about 20-30 feet. This gets you warmed up and gives you confidence to play he says. One great suggestion is to do this with friends or who you are going to play with that day. Arranging to meet up 30 minutes beforehand with them, will probably help us all to actually do the warm-up and not just jump out of the car and rush to the first tee. Tom says ‘you will be surprised how well you will play and how you become more consistent, if you just do this.’

Asked about nutrition, Tom Lewis doesn’t eat whilst on the course, as he tends to ‘zone in rather than out’ but importantly stays hydrated mostly with water, but also with isotonic drinks. The hotter the weather the more crucial this is. He would recommend a nutrition bar if you have to eat something.

When asked about preventing golf injuries, Tom immediately says “warming up is a top priority and especially if the weather is cold”. I agree that going straight onto a course to play when cold can be a great contributor to injury and is often the story I get when golfers turn up at the clinic for treatment.

Tom has more advice for golfers, which is to get into the habit of doing the same core warm-up regime before playing, so that you know that it is the challenge of the golf course affecting your score rather than your physical and mental preparation. He also advises that staying relaxed is key.

The Alpha Stim SCS is a device that can help get you into the zone, it helps by gently increasing Alpha Waves (the relaxing brain waves) and decreasing Beta waves so that you are alert but relaxed, the very definition of being in the zone.

You can follow Tom Lewis on the European Golf Tour  website

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