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March 28, 2016
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June 30, 2016

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DhanurAsana   Halasana

This has to be my favourite subject to talk about and keep on talking. Yoga happened to me because of two reasons, one my sister who is the model of spirituality, the most simplest person on the planet. Let me stop talking about my sister cause she herself is a series of Books. And the second reason is my professional hunger of learning something new. The hungry crow inside me has been the reason for my hunger to acquire more and more knowledge. And thats been one reason why i have been able to always stand out in the crowd. I thank my Mom for instilling the Spirit of Knowledge and the importance of Learning.

Back in 1999 when i was a working as a Gym Instructor, i decided to take this plunge into learning Yoga. I went to Bangalore at Vivekananda Kendra with very few expectations from Yoga. When you are on a High from weight training everything else seems small. So i was expecting to learn some stretching exercises and come back to Mumbai. But what i learnt was Life changing. Yoga is so vast and self satisfying knowledge. The knowledge that was given to us thousands of years back is still as fresh as a flower and the fragrance that it spreads keep changing lives Positively.

Yoga means Yuj. That is the Root word from sanskrit. Yuj means Joining. In yoga the joining (Yuj) represents the union of “Mind and Body”, “Atma and Parmatma”, i.e Union of Soul with Universal Soul”

The Journey that i have had on the path of yoga has been the best time of my life so far! You got to experience the Life of Yoga by starting it first. Take a first step towards Yoga and let the path of Yoga unfold upon you the secret to happiness that lies within. And if you are already practicing yoga, you know exactly what i am talking about. Hari Aum!